Boyfriend – Obsession

Can I get over Boyfriend’s silly band name?

The song

The song is quite  smooth Pop song, With Poppy choruses and bridges with more Hip Hop sounding verses. Its catchy and a nice bouncy beat. It hasn’t lodged in my brain instantly, but I can see it growing on me with a few listens.

 The video

 The 90’s called, they want EVERYTHING back. It’s very monochrome fresh prince and I don’t like it. The 90’s weren’t even trendy at the time. I also don’t like this gangster theme from artists who can’t pull it off. These guys are clearly attractive and talented why make them look like fools?

I’m not going to pick on the topless slow-mo cut… it had the desired affect on me so I can hardly judge.

Why the hook at the end though. I really cannot figure out why…was it just in the costume box and he wanted to play with it?

Hallyu Noona


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