K Film Roundup – 07/06/2014

Not picked out many this month as it seems to be a quiet month for film releases? (world cup maybe??)

What we can look forward to this month from Korean films

The Stone

Release: 12/06/2014

Min Su Is a talented Baduk player who plays for money and beats all who come his way. One day Mob boss meets Min Su while collecting protection money and plays him and loses. As a consequence of this he hires Min Su as his Baduk teacher. From their relationship the mob bos begins to become involved in Baduk rather than crime and the Baduk gambler see’s the coarser side to life.

You are my vampire

Release: 12/06/2014

What could help a writer struggling to write  a vampire fiction more than a vampire moving next door? Or is he?

An American friend

Release: 12/06/2014

The story of a Korean American secret agent who sneaks into Korea and gets embroiled in drama surrounding the selling of a high price painting.

Phew! Any films you are looking forward to that I’ve missed for June? Let us know in the comments below.

Which one’s your most anticipated?

Hallyu Noona


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