Music Core – 07/06/2014

It’s Music core!!! YAY!

Bay.B are still beautiful girls…and they still bore the hell outta me.

I’m really getting into BTL, a couple of bits of the dance still look a little bit silly to me but mostly I’m really enjoying the dance and song. Doesn’t hurt that I like a nice set of toned arms.

Boyfriend…Please start dressing like it’s 2014. I like your song and this is just embarrassing.

#Freejunhyoseongsboobs obviously hasn’t reached MBC yet, this was the ugliest, frumpiest top ever. The worst part was her dancers outfits weren’t bad….why couldn’t she wear something like that?

UKISS had their comeback..woo? The first song was a ballad which I’m afraid automatically made me yawn. Quite playing is interesting, I hated it on first listen but by the third time (while writing this) I had warmed to it a bit. The performance was solid and the guys looked good, if a little young for my tastes however I am probably not the target audience so that’s ok.

Oh VIXX, My babies, the more I see that hip roll the more I dislike it.

Loved seeing EXO’s 11 Man performance…good job guys!

Congratultions Gary and Jung In !


Bay.B – Quecera cera,

BTL – Too-G

15&- Sugar

N.CA – I’m different

G.NA – G.NA’s secret (Pretty lingerie)

Kim Yeon Woo – Move

Ji Yeon – Never Ever

Boyfriend – Intro

Boyfriend – Obsession,

Junhyoseong – Goodnight kiss

UKISS – Love again

UKISS – Quit playing

VIXX – Eternity

Baek Ji Young – Still in love

Infinite – Last Romeo

ZE:A – St-Dagger

Ze:A – Breathe

Fly to the sky -You you you

EXO (K+M)-Overdose


Hallyu Noona



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