Inkigayo – 08/06/2014

It’s the end of the music show week, lets round it off with Inkigayo!

Wa$$up’s video to Fire is truly terrible. However, I do like the song, nice and bouncy and very summery! Live Wa$$up always put on a good performance, but did anyone think the sound was really off?

Boyfriend, boyfriend, boyfriend… it makes me so sad that with my eyes closed you are so awesome…then I see your performances…..

Ah, I think my favourite VIXX performance so far. Those hip rolls are still uncomfortably inappropriate and awkward to me (and as you’ve probably noticed by now I’m far from a prude.) but I love the dance routine, It was butchered for the M/V but live is amazing. I can;t get over how loud their fan chants are now.

People like ZE:A. I keep forgetting who they are. Seriously am I missing something?

Aww EXO, It does not seem like it’s time to say goodbye for now 😦

While I’m sure Taeyang and GD on one stage is every fangirls dream, it doesn’t do anything for me I’m afraid! At least poor Taeyang was allowed to wear clothes!

Congratualtions VIXX!


Wa$$up – Fire

Bay.B – Quecera cera

CROSS GENE amazing – Bad lady

N.CA – I’m different

Crush – Hug me

BTL – Too-G

Sweet Sorrow –  Pounding heart

Kim Yeon Woo – Move

Ji Yeon – Never Ever

UKiss – Quit playing

G.NA – GNA’s secret (Pretty lingerie)

Boyfriend – Intro

Boyfriend – Obsession

Baek Ji Young -Still in love

VIXX – Eternity

ZE:A – St-Dagger

ZE:A – Breathe

EXO – Overdose

G Dragon and Taeyang – Stay with me

Taeyang – Eyes,nose,lips


 Hallyu Noona


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