KTV Roundup – 09/06/2014

Fed up of these three dramas? Well I am throwing another one into the mix next week!


Highlights from last week

You’re all surrounded made me so happy, but I have learned that when something seemingly good happens in a love interests story this early on only heartbreak can follow. I will not let myself be happy about this, I will not be hurt again 😛 Just the one Episode this week due to Election stuff and I am suffering from it. What will happen now. Is he going to make her go back to her tent. In a nice sensible western drama she’d go to his and he’d be getting some comfort sex….I have a suspicion that won’t be happening on a Kdrama anytime soon.

This show still makes me laugh, and I will be intrigued when the fact Ji Yong is in mortal danger Is going to rear it’s ugly head.

The poor detective with glasses though did have me in fits of giggles with the ‘I’m always a hostage speech’.

Gap dong I’m a bit speechless about gap dong at the moment, it has been a massive ramp up in speed this episode. All I know is I am the future Mrs. Lee Joon.

Hotel king fills me with so much rage at the moment. WHY DO THESE PEOPLE NOT TALK TO EACH OTHER? I nearly fell off my chair in you’re all surrounded when the team leader just outright explained to the missing persons team leader why the girl had been at his house, he clearly doesn’t understand the rules of Kdramas.

What to watch out for this week

Still the same three for me at the moment, Hotel King, You’re All Surrounded and Gap Dong.

But if you were getting bored, I will be watching King of High school life conduct  the week after (its been delayed on to the 16th) so keep an eye on next weeks round up for details!

Let me know what you thought of this weeks episodes in the comments below!

What are you all watching? Let me know!

Hallyu Noona


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