My Top Ten: KPOP English fails (The boys turn)

Here are my top ten English fails from male Kpop stars.

It might be bad pronunciation, hilarious misheard lyrics or just downright ridiculous lyrics. These English fails haven’t always made me hate the song, in fact sometimes it’s why i heard the song in the first place.

10. EXO – Mama

What do they have against hacktivists and why? Maybe we will never know.


Y Chromosome? Y what?

8. B1A4 – Baby I’m sorry

Dancing party time everybody!

7. SHINee- Lucifer

Lovertronic ehy!

6.TVXQ! – Purple line

So yeah, he really wants to touch himself.


5.Block B- Nillili Mambo

Is it me or does Zico have ‘Balls like this’?

4. BAP- Hurricane

Hurry!The loof is fire!!!

3.Super Junior – Sexy, free and single

Sexy Free and single and apparently ready to bingo!

2.SHINee – Ring ding dong

Fantastic, elastic… clearly someone was enjoying the rhyming dictionary they got for Christmas.

1. Block B – Nalina

You’re hard are you U-kwon? We know what you mean…do you?

What would your top ten be?

Let me know in the comments!

Hallyu Noona


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