M!Countdown – 12/06/2014

Hello Internet, hear me roar. Or you know, quietly type my thoughts on M!countdown.

Bob girls are the least sexy girl group ever. Whenever there were backing dancers onstage I found them far more captivating.

‘Bob girls’ seems to be based on the theory that if someone just takes all their clothes off they must be sexy right?

Toppdogg..Hmm… I’m not actually into these guys, they are definitiely umm….interesting? Let’s leave it at that shall we?

Could someone explain how Cherry filter fit into the Korean Music industry for me. I like rock and metal but this sounded terrible to me. Are they an alt band or are they idols imaged to be like an alt band?

Well TAHITI’s offering didn’t exactly fire me up, not –quite bubblegum pop, with bad dancing AND bad lip syncing. PICK ONE!

#Freejunhyoseongsboobs had a setback this week, yes it was see-through, but why the terrible neckline?

Congratulations Taeyang !



Bob Girls – No way

Junggigo – Want U

Jiyeon – Never Ever

Toppdogg – Topdog

Lee Ye Joon – Where to go

Boyfriend – Obsession

Crush – Hug me

G.NA – G.NA’s secret (Pretty lingerie)

Cherry filter – Andromeda

TAHITI – Oppa, You’re mine

Z:EA- Breathe

Junhyoseong – Goodnight Kiss

Sweet Sorrow – Pounding heart

Infinite – Last Romeo

Fly to the Sky – You You You

VIXX – eternity

Taeyang -1AM

Taeyang – Intro (Rise)

Taeyang – Eyes, nose, lips

SAN E and Raina – A midsummer nights kiss

 Hallyu Noona


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