Music Bank – 13/06/2014

Brasil world cup special, here we go!

Even less clothes on and still not sexy bob girls. Sure the girls are pretty, sure the outifts are getting smaller and smaller, they are still wooden and not sexy though.

N.Sonic, pretty dramatic opener to their song. Singing was So-So. Both songs have a good beat, so could still hook me in. I like the dancing but the stage was a bit busy with bodies for my taste.

TAHITI, this was terrible…what scares me most is how many line-up changes these guys have gone through, still be terrible and yet they still have a fan base. Also if you are going to get a member to show off how flexible they are, make sure they are remotely flexible first.

The dance cover of mickey was entertaining, what an odd mismatch of girls on stage though lol!

Surprisingly KBS have not offended the #freejunhyoseongsboobs campaign. The top had a high neckline…but was not hideously unflattering though. Much though it pains me to say.

Congratulations Infinite!


Lee Jee Yoon – Where to go

M.Pire – She ain’t like that

Bob girls – No way

N-Sonic – Crazy

N-Sonic – Pop Beyond

TAHITI  – Oppa, you’re mine

Cherry Filter – Andromeda

MR.MR – Big man

N.CA – I’m different

Crush – Hug me

San.E and Raina – A midsummer nights sweetness

Junggigo -Want U

Various artists – Cover of Mickey

Various artists – Cover of We are the champions

VIXX, Infintie and Cherry flter – Special stage

Ji Yeon – Never ever

Bek Ji Young – Still in love

G.NA – G.NA’s secret (Pretty Lingerie)

Junhyoseong – Goodnight kiss

Sweet Sorrow – Pounding heart

Vixx – Eternity

Boyfriend – Alarm

Boyfriend – Obsession

ZE:A – St-Dagger

ZE:A – Breathe

U-KISS- Love again

U-KISS – Quit playing

Fly to the sky – You you you

Infinite – I need you back

Infinite – Last Romeo












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