Music Core – 14/06/2014

It’s Music core time again…

Smile.G looked happy. I think it’s safe to say I am not happy with the quality of débuts at the moment.

I stand by the fact that if some excess bodies were taken off the stage I would really like N-Sonic’s dance.

A little bit of improvement on the outfits from Boyfriend, it’s amazing how much difference just that made.

Still confused by Cherry Filter if anyone wants to fill me in on them, not sure if they stand well outside Kpop or in it in a ‘something different’ way.

It pains me to admit, but Last Romeo is growing on me. I don’t think it’ll displace my usual favourites but I’m glad I didn’t write them off and wanted to give them a chance. Not really sure it needed a rap though.

Congratulations Taeyang!


Smile.G – Dobidobob

Cross Gene – AMAZING bad lady

N-Sonic – Pop beyond

TAHITI -Oppa, your mine


Sweet sorrow – Pounding heart

San.E and Raina – A midsummer nights sweetness

Boyfriend – Obsession

Ji Yeon – Never ever

U-KISS – Quit playing

Crush – Hug me

Junhyoseong – Goodnight kiss

ZE:A – Breathe

Cherry Filter – Andromeda

Baek Ji Young – Still in love

VIXX – Eternity

Infinite – Last Romeo

Fly to the sky -You you you

Hallyu Noona



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