M!Countdown – 19/06/2014

It’s M!countdown Thursday, let’s go!

Oh Junhyoseong, you’re so beautiful.

Bob girls, Please watch Junhyoseongs earlier performance to understand sexy. I’d say they move like planks of wood, but a plank of wood might just be sexier. I’ll say it again, no clothes on does not always = sexy.

Lena parks performance was good, the mic had far to much of a hollow echo to it though, I loved the dancers doing a routine that actually matched the style of music. Poor costume choice for the girl wearing silver dance shorts under her black skirt though…

Kinda like Big flo, I do seem to like the overly agressive rap/pop. There was a bit of a block B feel to it if I am honest, but that doesn’t bother me. If these guys are marketing themselves like this something about Block B’s recipe must work.

I loved GOT7’s ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’, Not so much a fan of this, although I am hoping it will grow on me.

Mamamoos song is great, they looked like they were enjoying the performance too. I’m not sure why people think they are super original with their concept though?

YAY AOA are back, Fantasy was meh, just your typical Kpop B side. Bob cut however was great fun to see live, their outfits were great and the dance is super fun. Not all of them suit bob cuts though.

Congratulations Taeyang!


Some videos are curently low quality, I will update these when the better quality versions are available.

ToppDogg – Topdog

Junhyoseong – Goodnight kiss

Crush – Hug  me

Bob girls – No way

M.Pire – She ain’t like that

Lena Park – Double kiss

Boyfriend – Obsession

San.E and Raina -A midsummer nights sweetness

Gummy – I loved…I have no regrets

J-Min – Hoo

Big flo – Delilah

ZE:A – Breathe

GOT7 – Good tonight

GOT7 – A

VIXX – Eternity

Taeyang – Eyes nose lips

Mamamo – Mr Ambiguous

AOA – Fantasy

AOA – Bob cut

Beast – We up

Beast – Good luck

 Hallyu Noona


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