Music Bank – 20/06/2014

Music bank!

I thought Berry good are over with, I was wrong. It hurts.

Aww Mamamoo, I do love this song, and the dance is so fun to watch! how many pins did that hat require though? Jaunty!

Another nice turn out for Lena park, I preferred the M!Countdown costume choices though.

I am sad that this is Junhyoseong’s last weekend promoting goodnight kiss 😦

Congratulations Taeyang!


Berry good – Love letter

M.Pire – She ain’t like that

J-Min – Hoo

Crush – Hug me

GOT7 – Tonight

GOT7 – A

Mamamoo – Mr Ambiguous

Sweet sorrow – Pounding heart

Lena park – Double kiss

AOA – Bob cut

San.E and Raina – A midsummer nights sweetness

UKISS –  Quit playing

ZE:A – Breathe

VIXX – Eternity

Junhyoseong – Goodnight kiss

Boyfriend – Obsession

Fly to the sky – Your voice

Infinite – Last Romeo

Beast – We up

Beast -Good luck




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