Music Core – 21/06/2014

It’s Music core time again…

Oh dear, looks like we are resorting to bunny ears to try and make bob girls sexy.

History’s comeback with Psycho is pretty good, I am starting to feel overwhelmed by boyband comebacks though!

Another magic hat Mamamoo, One of the things I like about these girls is that they all look distinctly different, so reefreshing! Loved the suits!

AOA, You so beautiful.

Congratulations BEAST!


I will update the videos as music core upload them!

Lee Ye Joon – Where to go

M.Pire – She ain’t like that

Bob girls – No way

Mr.Mr – Bigman

J-Min –  Hoo

History – Psycho

Sweet sorrow – Pounding heart

Mamamoo  – Mr Ambiguous

GOT7 – A

Lena Park – Double kiss

Boyfriend – Obsession

AOA – Fantasy

AOA –  Bobcut

San.E and Raina – A midsummer nights sweetness

Baek Ji young – Still in love

VIXX, Eternity

ZE:A, Breathe

Beast, We up

Beast, Good luck

Hallyu Noona



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