Bigflo – Delilah

I thought these guys were awesome on their music show performance, but having seen the video I am disappointed by the live stage now.

The song

The song is so catchy, I mean really catchy. It doesn’t just have one catchy section it has two, one sung and one rapped. On top of that both sections are repeated. There’s a great mix of tones and styles to the voices of the song, a real something for everyone feel that I usually associate with Block B.

 The video

These guy REALLY make me think of Block B. Not in a bad way, heaven knows I could always do with more Block B. I mean to the point where if I have assigned them all counterparts in block B (despite them having less members), the dance has a real post Nalina/Nillili mambo Block B feel and that’s no bad thing.

The dance while it is very Block Besque is a little slicker than the image we get from Block B nowadays. In fact the dance is slicker than it was when they did it on stage, while this is understandable I would have died to see this slick routine pulled off in full on stage.

To put in to perspective how much I like this song, I am going to do something I rarely do as a dance pop hit fan, listen to the whole mini album!

Hallyu Noona


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