KTV Roundup – 23/06/2014

Time to announce my next ‘one to watch’ officially

Highlights from last week

King of high school conduct started in the week, I’m a little unsure on this to be honest. I found some parts super funny and Lee Soo Hyuk is strangely attractive (I.E. I find him attractive but don’t know why!). However other parts I just found super cringey and very 90’s teen romp-esque. For me the consideration on whether I continue watching this will be whether the funny outweighs the cringey. Maybe it’ll be something I come back to over the summer at some point once it’s finished.

  You’re All Surrounded was brilliant, glad I delayed last weeks episode to watch 3 together as I don’t think I could have coped with episode 10’s cliffhanger. I can’t get over in this show that the characters actually communicate, every time a character explains what the problem they have is to the antagonist character I’m hocked beyond belief. It’s so refreshing, and it definitely has a more modern feel than many KDramas I have watched. 

It’s a bittersweet weekend for Gap Dong this week, on the one hand we finally get some closure, on the other hand it’s all over. :(. I was so sad about Tae Oh’s ending SPOILER ALERT: I wanted him to be the bad guy who won, a serial killer who managed to stop and they never fully managed closure on that with the ending they gave him.

Hotel King, finally people are actually talking to each other. Was actually a bit surprised at the back stabbing team leader though, we all knew one of them would but i thought it was going to be by accident that it happened. That kiss at the end made me happy, but there are too many episodes left for me to think there won;t be further heart break.

What to watch out for this week

So we now have  King of high school conduct (for now),  You’re All Surrounded and Hotel King that I will be watching.

Joseon Gunman starts on the 25th and will air on KBS Wednesday and Thursday at 22:00, so watch out for that review next week!

Those I won’t be watching (at the moment at least) but you might want to  include Make a wish on MBC (airs Monday to Friday at 19:15, starting today) and Trot Lovers from KBS(airs Monday and Tuesday at 22:00 starting today)

Hallyu Noona


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