My Top Ten: Guilty pleasures (The girls turn)

We all have them, songs we want to hate or would never admit to liking but secretly love

To be entirely fair, some of these I just like, not love! This is probably being  cutesy heavy list, being as I normally hate cutesy stuff, so don’t be offended if your bias is included.

10. Fiestar – I don’t know

The video clinches it for me, so funny!

9. Dal shabet – Mr Bang Bang

I will never tell my non-Kpop fan friends I like this…

8. Two X – Ring ma bell

Do I have to explain this one?

7. Tiny G – Minimanimo

Made up words and silly hand motions…..but so catchy dammit

6.T-ara – YaYaYa

I’m sure other people have some T-ara songs on their guilty pleasure lists!

5.N.CA – Oh my god

N.CA should be everything I hate, but I don’t? Why?!!?!?

4. CL – Baddest female

I hate songs like this and the title is stupid, can still sing along with it though.

3. Bestie – Pitapat

I’m not supposed to like this right?

2. Lip service – Yum yum yum

It took me a while to ‘fess up to liking this

1. Wa$$up – Fire

Normally I’m not guilty about loving these guys, but the video was terribad.

 Who are your guilty pleasures?

Let me know in the comments!

Hallyu Noona


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