Music Bank – 27/06/2014

It’s Music Bank!

Yay, Mamamoo! I love this song!

If AOA as cops is your thing, this is the performance for you!

BTS’ version of ‘Something’ was ….something….

I am not ashamed to admit I preffered Bestie, AOA and Girls day performing Mr.Mr to SNSD doing it. Sorry SNSD fans.

It was lovely to see Girls day perform ‘Something’ again!

Conversely, I was promised no  more Mr Chu…they lied.

YAY EXO, So much love for Overdose still.


Mamamoo – Mr Ambiguous

AOA – Bobcut

Boyfriend – Obsession

Jung Joon Young – Teenager

Untouchable – Take out

Soyou and Junggigo – Some

BAP – 1004 (angel)

Mamamoo, K.Will and Ravi – Peppermint chocolate

BTS – Something

AOA, Bestie and Girls Day – Mr.Mr

IU – Friday

IU – Meaning of you

VIXX – Eternity

Girls day – Something

Apink – Mr Chu

K.Will – Day 1

EXO K – Overdose

Infinite – Last Romeo

Infinite – I need U back

Beast – Go

Hallyu Noona



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