Halo – Fever

I have never wanted to feed someone so much in my life.

The song

 It’s catchy, typical Dance with heavy base. Very much more Pop than anything else. They do seem to be quite good, whether they are good enough to push against the surge of top notch rookies at the moment however remains to be seen.  They sort of remind me of a boys SNSD.

 The video

I can’t lie, these guys can really dance, I love the blokey dances that are ‘in’ at the moment but it’s not a patch on these guys dancing. Dare I say, possibly ‘better than EXO’ dancing even. They do however have an annoyingly squeaky clean boyband thing going on in this video that I could do without. Oh and one of them is so skinny I worry about him which is a little off putting for an upbeat song.

Hallyu Noona


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