History – Psycho

So it’s called Psycho, are we expecting a cheerful little upbeat ditty?

The song

The start of the song is a bit 80’s, in fact the whole thing is. To be honest, the whole 80’s pop feel is a little disjointed from he dark attempt at a video (see more below.)

 The video

The dance is ok, a little too much groin rubbing for my taste.  The can’t pull of the dark feel and jerky motions in the same way a group like VIXX do for me, but it’s not terrible. The attempt to dress them for the ‘psycho’ theme is frankly piss-poor, It looks like the are wearing the bits of PVC and leather that an S+M party didn’t want. That is of course when they aren’t randomly well dressed men spying on a lady, or prisoners from a silent movie comedy.

All in all, a song and concept with promise, that it doesn’t quite deliver on. Song is good though.

Hallyu Noona


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