Spotlight on: Wings – Hair short

Somehow I completely overlooked this when it came out, something I now regret.

Lyrics can be found here

Song Name: Hair short

Artist: Wings

Released: 11th March 2014

Label: Sony music Korea

EP/LP name: 

Other interesting Info:

  • The video stars model Ahn Jae Hyun.

The song

This song is melodic and catchy, it’s definitely a more a sing along than dance along tune, but it certainly has it’s place in a party playlist. I particularly like the way they turn Hair into a two syllable word for the song, it certainly makes the song more distinctive!

The video

The video is just a little bit dark, I’m pretty sure they kill the guy at the end and scissors near peoples eye makes me cringe. The dance part is cute and I do like videos that veer form the standard Korean dancing in a box, so bravo girls!

Songs like this

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Like the song or hate it?

Let me know in the comments below!

Hallyu Noona



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