M!Countdown – 03/07/2014

I hope I wasn’t the only one who heard TAHITI’s really loud, angry-sounding male fan?

I adore Bigflo, I love the dance and the song. The outfits were awful though. I mean were they deliberately bad to make them seem more blokey?

LU:KUS were a little underwhelming. The rookie group standard has now been set so high that O.K. just isn’t good enough.

Hyomin has single handedly reduced herself to a set of figures to me. Especially with all the interviews she’s been doing about the frankly ridiculous extent she went to to make sure she had a nice body for this terrible song. I really do despise the song, and I LIKE sexy concepts. She also really shouldn’t do any interviews, I swear you can hear the wind whistle through her ears.

Luna and Victoria are so beautiful, aren’t they? I really like ‘Milk’. It has a slinky, sexy feel and was nice and catchy!

Red Light is good, but it definitely has the kind of rhythm that grows on you. I love their stage outfits for this one though!

Congratulations Taeyang!



Jun Joon Young – To me

Gummy – I Loved…I Have No Regrets

Untouchable – Take Out

Tahiti – Oppa You’re Mine

J-Min – Hoo

Bigflo – Delilah

AOA – Bob Cut

LU:KUS – So Into U

100% – U Beauty

Hyomin – Fake It

Hyomin – Nice Body

Boyfriend – Obsession

Bob girls  – No Way

Lee Ji Min – Boong Boong Boong

Got7 – A

Mamamoo – Mr Ambiguous

K.will – Day 1

Jun Joon Young – Teenager

Taeyang – Eyes, Nose, Lips

Beast – Good Luck

F(x) – Milk

F(x) – Red Light

 Hallyu Noona


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