My Top Ten: Guilty Pleasures (The boys’ turn)

We all have them – songs we want to hate or would never admit to liking, but secretly love

To be entirely fair, some of these I just like, not love. They do all however have the dubious honour of being songs (or artists) that I am sure I should not like!

10. Mr.Mr – Bigman

I shouldn’t like this, right?

9. Super Junior M – Swing


8. TOPPDOGG – Topdog


7. Got7 – Girls, Girls, Girls

Girls, girls, girls they love them.

6. MBLAQ – Y

Is this less embarrassing or more, now that I associate them with Ryu Tae Oh?

5. SHINee – Lucifer

Silly lyrics, check. Silly dance, check. Silly trancey beat, Check.

4. Boyfriend – Obsession

They are called boyfriend.

3. EXO – wolf

It wasn’t a guilty pleasure, until everyone told me I should be embarrassed about it.

2.BTL – Too -G

Too-G was where it started being guilty.

1. Psy – Gentleman

Oh you like Kpop? Like Psy?

NO, NOT LIKE PSY….except kinda Psy….

 Who are your guilty pleasures?

Let me know in the comments!

Hallyu Noona


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