A change to our posting schedule – music shows

Here at HallyuNoona we have been having a dilemma recently, we want to bring you the best quality we can and we feel the music show posts (a popular area with our readers) are not consistently doing this.

So a change has been decided, but we wanted to explain what and why so you know when you’ll be able to see the material you want!

Firstly, we will no longer be posting about Music Bank. KBS do not upload themselves for a number of weeks (until English subbed on KBS world) and they are very active in taking down the uploads that others put up – we know as we tried to upload ourselves.

As such we don’t think we can do justice to these posts until long after they would be relevant.

M!countdown posts will move to Friday to give us time to post a better quality review of the show and for MNET to have posted the official uploads. This means we can use those to produce a good quality stable playlist for the show.

For the same reasons as above we will provisionally move Music Core to a Wednesday (assuming the official uploads are up by then!)

There will be no change for Inkigayo, as Inkigayo are lovely and put the uploads up shortly after airing on Sunday anyway!

We will also be starting a number of new series of posts in  a few weeks so look out for lots of new material coming your way.

As ever if you have something you want to request or would like to contribute yourself please go to our ‘contact us’ page and let us know!



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