Fiestar – One More

I might not be the best person to comment on Fiestar, I only learned how to say their group name correctly a couple of months ago….

The song

Well this is a catchy little pop tune. Very dance-able and LALALALA is a pretty safe lyric to go for if you want the international community to be able to sing along. It was repetitive though. Yes I know that is one of the features of a good pop song. Things can be too repetitive though

 The video

Wow, these girls are smoking. There are some amazing pins in this group. I liked the funky ‘slide show’ section of the video in the rap, I thought that looked really cool. In fact I think the whole video had a cool edge.

It was another of those videos where they obviously couldn’t be bothered with a plot, so just put some elements in that looked like they could be plot. I’m noticing this seems to be a new Kpop trend and while it’s not bad as such I worry it will slow down the move to plot based M/V’s in Kpop.

Those stripey outfits were bad though, reminded me of Sheldon Cooper’s ‘Doppler Effect’ costume!

Hallyu Noona


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