K Film Roundup – 05/07/2014

What does July have in store for us in Kfilms?

What we can look forward to this month from Korean films


Release: 10/07/2014

Confession centres around three characters. In order to help their friend, two of the characters decide to burn down his mother’s illegal business. Win/win for them, he repairs his relationship with his mother and they collect insurance money. Right? Wrong? As it starts to unravel the friends begin to doubt their last twenty years of relationship. A crime drama gone wrong, this could really be one to watch.

Kundo: Age of the Rampant


Set in 1859, feudal Joseon. KUNDO is an organisaation who fight for the weak and poor. Think Robin Hood and his Merry Men with a truck load more violent retribution.

Roaring Currents

Release: 30/07/2014

The story of Korea’s victory by  strategist Admiral Yi Sunshin, who lures over 300 Japanese ships into a  trap where they meet their fate against only 13 battle ships.

Propaganda tale, historical brilliance on film or both? Only time will tell!

Phew! Any films you are looking forward to that I’ve missed for June? Let us know in the comments below.

Which one’s your most anticipated?

Hallyu Noona


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