Inkigayo – 06/07/2014

Well LU:KUS were definitely at least partially singing live….I’ll give them that.

Aww MAMAMOO, I do love this song but why do you wear outfits that are so bright they hurt my eyes…..WAE???

Oh Bigflo, you make my heart sore. I hope you follow this (and well) and don’t just disappear as Nugus after this. That being said, I’m pretty sure they were wearing the left over material from 4Minute’s ‘Volume Up’ video.

Bit of a Ghostbusters feel to History’s Psycho, no?

Tiny-G’s performance was just a little bit disturbing to me.

Yay AOA as cheerleaders again. I approve. Typical music show camera work though….all over the place.

After being quite mean about Got7’s A, it is growing on me very slowly….well just the aaaa part….

Loving F(x)’s comeback. Victora looked smoking in All Night! The stage for Red Light was great, love the choreo and the girls do look beautiful and mature these days. Still don’t want to buy a bulldozer though KBS…..

Congratulations Taeyang!


LU:KUS – So into U

MAMAMOO – Mr Ambiguous

Bigflo – Delilah

Lee Ji Min – Boong, Boong, Boong

Seo Ji An – Bad You

Halo – Fever

History – Psycho

Untouchable – Take Out

Hyomin – Nice Body

Tiny- G – Ice Baby

100% – U Beauty

Crush – Hug Me

UKISS – Quit Playing

AOA – Bob Cut

Got7 -A

K.Will – Day 1

Beast – Good Luck

F(x) – All Night

F(x) – Red Light

Taeyang – Eyes, Nose, Lips

 Hallyu Noona


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