KTV Roundup -07/07/2014

You’re All Surrounded finally fully wins my heart.

Highlights from last week

King of High School Conduct has gained a viewer. It’s not as compelling as the other dramas, but it is pretty funny and a bit of light relief does no-one any harm. Seeing the lead character suddenly start acting more adult is actually quite good too. Also when the other director asks her for dinner (even if it is for nefarious reasons) my ovaries exploded. He fine.

Also the lift scene in episode 5 = HILARIOUS

  You’re All Surrounded  is amazing, the characters are still expressing their feelings like human beings and I like it. I’m even starting to find Eun Dae Gu attractive, despite not seeing it for many episodes. He is so cute, and brooding, and cute.

Hotel King was amazing. Should have been more Lee Dong Wook steamy bed scenes but we cannot all get what we want. Poor Jae Wan though… He really cannot catch a break.

Joseon Shooter has picked up a bit of pace now, it was nice to get to know a bit more about the characters and we can even see now how much promise the season has. If you haven’t been watching this I say start now, It’ll be worth getting through the first few slow episodes I promise. My only hope is that they don’t make the love scene eclipse the plot.

What to watch out for this week

So we now have  King of High School Conduct,  You’re All Surrounded, Hotel King and Joseon Gunman that I will be watching.

High School – Love On also starts this week on the 11th of July.  It is on KBS2 Fridays at 20:55 KST

Hallyu Noona


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