Music Core – 05/07/2014

OK, Music core.

I wasn’t sure when the music core Lip sync rules would come into effect, and it looks like it was this week. I personally don’t actually mind lip sync so long as I get a good performance, If someone is just standing at  mic singing, they should in my eyes sing live though. The difference for me being if you are a singer or a performer.


LU:KUS and HALO had a few slip ups, but I swear rookie groups always do, almost like it’s deliberate.

Fiestar made an admirable try of it, I think I will prefer their lip sync aided performances though.

Mamamoo always entertain me, these girls are REALLY good.

Got7’s A is growing on me a little, like a mould.

Man Luna and Victoria (F(x)) get prettier every damn day, I loved Luna’s outfit for ‘All night’. Red light is such a good song, I don’t really understand why it is getting so much hate?

A member of beast had a tea towel on his head. are these guys for real?

Apparently so, congratulations Beast.


LU:KUS – So into U

HALO – Fever

Fiestar – One more

Airplane – Back the future

N-Sonic – Pop beyond


Mose – Let’s not meet again

History – Psycho

Mamamoo – Mr Ambiguous

U-Kiss – Quit playing

100% – Beauty U

Boyfriend – Obsession

Got7 – A

AOA – Bob cut

Hyomin – Nice body

K.WIll – Day 1

F(x) – All night

F(x) – Red Light

Beast – Good luck

Hallyu Noona



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