My Top Ten: Sexy concepts (The Girls turn)

Ahh, the sexy concept. Everyone has an opinion on them but no matter what they seem to be here to stay

Here’s my Top Ten sexy concepts done by ladies!

10. NS Yoon-G – Yasisi

This girl is just so effortlessly sexy

9. Rania – Dr Feelgood

Too hot for netizens ehy

8. Girls day – Something

Making the lyrics actually ‘something, something’ wwas insired

7. AOA- Miniskirt

Only AOA could make doing a skirt up sexy!

6. Miss A – Hush

I may be being influence by how glorious Fei ALWAYS looks though!

5. Sistar – Alone

While I might not be a Sistar fan, no sexy concept list is complete without this track.

4. Secret – Poison

Sexy gangsterness….very legs avenue.

3. 9 Muses – Gun

Might not be as overtly sexy, but these girls rock it.

2.Junhyoseong – Goodnight kiss

Too-G was where it started being guilty.

1. Gain- Bloom

Literally a song about sex. Truly fitting.

 Who are your guilty pleasures?

Let me know in the comments!

Hallyu Noona


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