M!Countdown – 10/07/2014

A girls,girls,girls special today….YAY!

Cha Cha is a terrible song, the girls are stunning though. The shorts were just a it too tight fitting around the crotch though ladies.

The girls from Bestie look more and more grown up every time I see them perform.

Gain’s outifit for truth or dare was stunning, so stunning.

WOW! Sunmi looked amazing, I really did not recognise her here!

I was so glad i got another opportunity to see orange caramel perorm Catallena…..so much fun!

ARGHH APINK! My old nemesis…..




Rainbow BLAXX – Cha cha

AOA – Miniskirt

AOA – Bob cut

Bestie – Thank you very much

Ladies code – Pretty Pretty

Gain – Truth or dare

G.NA – Pretty lingerie G.NA’s secret

Sunmi – Full Moon

T-ara – Number 9

Jiyeon – Never ever

Hyomin -Nice body

Orange Caramel – Catallena

Apink – NoNoNo

Apink – Mr Chu

 Hallyu Noona


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