Music Core – 12/07/2014

Ah Music core,

Poor LU:KUS had some terrible mics, sort it out Music core!

It’s Halo’s performance and seriously….who ballsed up these sound levels so badly?

Loving AOA’s sailor suits!

Henry really does know how to own a stage…’s pretty cool.

I LOVE Red light, the song and the album…I have NO idea why it’s getting so much hate. not relevant to this performance, but I haven’t seen anyone rock an eye patch as well as these girls do since Gabrielle in the 90’s.

Congratulations Beast!


LU:KUS  – So into U

Halo – Fever

Wings – Blossom

N-Sonic – Pop beyond

Hello – B.I.G


Dickpunks –  Soulmate

100% – Beauty U

Suh Young Eun – Mean Mean Mean

Untouchable – Take out

Nu’est- Good bye bye

AOA – Bob cut

GOt7 – A

HYomin – Nice body

Henry – Fantastic

K.Will – Day 1

F(X) – Red light

Beast – Good luck

Hallyu Noona



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