M!Countdown – 17/07/2014

J-min is awesome, sorta reminds be of 90’s indie rock!

Lucky J were amazing, lovely to hear a girl singing who isn’t just trying to smash glass!

Kim Wan Sun….A bit of a hotty or is it just me?

Oh my word, What colour are Got7 wearing?!

Well done F(x)!



J-Min – Shine

Hyomin – Nice body

100% – U Beauty

Skull – I’m getting married

Lucky J – Can you hear me?

Eddy Kim – Darling

Kim Wan Sun – Goodbye my love

History – Psycho

Nu’est – Good bye bye

Chen Zi Tong  – Last shot

Got7 -A

Parc Jae Jung – Stalker

Parc Jae Jung – Ice ice baby

Jung Joon Young-Teenager

AOA- Bob cut

F(x) – Red light

Taeyang – Eyes, nose, lips

B1A4 – A glass of water

B1A4 – Solo day

 Hallyu Noona


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