Inkigayo – 20/07/2014

Woo Inkigayo!

Ye-A were….something weren’t they….

Lucky J were great, those trousers weren’t though!

Girls Day’s ‘look at me’ was meh for me , their performance of darling was O.K, a little TOO cute for me though!

B1A4 have a real summer hit on their hands with Solo Day! Any other time of year their song/performance would annoy me, but I like a bit of upbeat fun!

Oh Tablo, I loved this performance so much!

Infinite’s Comeback is a bit meh, and disappointing doubly because their last song grew on me so much!

Congratulations F(x)!


Say yes – Get out

Ye-A – Up&down

B.I.G – Hello

Mamamoo – Mr Ambiguous

Nu’est – Good bye bye

Lucky J – Can you hear me?

C-Clown – Let’s love

Skull – I’m getting married

Eddy Kim – Darling

Untouchable – Take out

Henry – Fantastic

AOA – Bob Cut

Girls Day – Look at me

Girls day – Darling

B1A4 – You make me a fool

B1A4 – Solo day

Suh Young Eun – Mean Mean Mean

K.Will – Day 1

F(x) – Red Light

Taeyang/Tablo – Eyes, Nose, Lips

Infinite – Back

 Hallyu Noona


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