Sulli to take a break from entertainment, F(x) cease promotions

SM announced today that Sulli will be taking a break from the entertainment industry due to her poor physical health and the mental effects of the malicious rumours and comments about her.

There’s no official confirmation what rumours have affected Sulli but she has suffered comments regarding her lazyness/attitude, as well as comments about her weight/physical appearance and some serious backlash from the incident where Choiza’s wallet was found with her picture in it. 

As a consequence of Sulli’s break F(x) have ceased promotions for ‘red light’ immediately however are still due to appear at SMTown as a four piece.

You can check out some netizen comments at Netizen Buzz.


So, in my opinion Sulli hasn’t seemed entusiastic in a long while so maybe a break is a the right thing for her right now, she has been in the entertainment industry for a long time.

I’m not sure the sense to calling the rest of F(x)’s promotions though. They already had the stage edited to perform without Sulli and, without meaning to sound harsh to Sulli, I hadn’t really noticed her missing from this particular song.

That being said, who knows what is going on that we don’t know about and it may just be that with their ongoing lawsuit with Kris SM are making sure they don’t misstep and give the other side any ammunition.

What do you think of the story? Is Sulli entitled to her break? Should she be affected by netizen comments? Was cancelling the promotions the right thing to do?

Hallyu Noona



    • HallyuNoona

      I can’t say I’m a big Sulli fan, I’m not. However if the reason for her wanting the break is true it is sad it’s come to this.

      Especially the Choiza thing. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with calling her out for when she seems uninterested etc, that’s her job, but I can’t get over how much flack she got over the Choiza ‘incident’. Not only did she do NOTHING wrong by almost all peoples standards it only harmed her, if anything it was a positive scandal for Choiza…such a double standard.

      I really do hope she just needs a break to have a relatively normal life for a bit. I’m sure we will never be 100% sure of the full story (if there even is one). I’m just sad f(x) weren’t able to finish promotions without her.:(


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