M!Countdown – 17/07/2014

10th Anniversary special, here we go!

Bit of a slow start for me, Ballads everywhere!

I’ve been reading a lot of hate for AOA’s cover of Tell me….I lOVED it. A lot. Yes even more than the SNSD wonder girls covers we have seen in the past.

I think it may have been hot there, Poor Gain looks like she is melting! Miryo and Narsha are looking especially smoking these days though!

I quite liked B1A4’s Fantastic baby, but Shh don’t tell anyone!

Block B’s HER was great live, They are so fun to watch!

I am not a Rain fan, but Got7’s medley of his songs was pretty fun to watch.

Block B and dynamic duo all looked like they were having so much fun!

YAY OMGZORZ Exo….and i’m calm again!



VIXX – Hug

Parc Jae Jung – One man

Hyorin – I won’t love

Baek Ji Young – Ear candy

AOA – Tell me

Ladies code – How come

Brown eyed girls – Abracadabra

B1A4 – Lies

B1A4 – Fantastic Baby

Seungri – Let’s talk about love

Block B – Jackpot

Block B – HER

Infinite – Diamond

Infinite – Back

Got7 – How to avoid the sun

Got7 – It’s raining

Got7- Rainism

Got7 – La song

Jeon In Kwon – Don’t worry

Jeon In Kwon & Gain – Only that is my world

P.O Of Block B – Ring my bell

Parky Kyung of Block B –  Without you

Zico of Block B – Without you (remix)

Dynamic Duo – AEAO

Dynamic Duo – Thursday night

Sistar – OK Go!

Sistar – Touch my body

EXO-K – Overdose

BOA dance team – My name

BOA- Only one

  Hallyu Noona


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