EXO’s new TV show announced

EXO have had an official announcement of a new show called EXO 90:2014. At the moment it looks like EXO-K only, but it may be that EXO – M make appearances later as the show is being branded with just EXO.

The shows premise is that EXO members will appear as the lead characters in remakes of 90’s Kpop videos. It will begin airing August 5th, 10:00PM and will air weekly for 12 episodes!

EXO not enough for you? Good because the SM rookies will be making an appearance (For the first episode at least just the boys) and the first episode includes Leeteuk, fresh from his military service in the cast.

Jeon Hyunmoo is listed as MC, will be interesting to see if that is for the whole 12 episodes.

The first episode is called H.O.T party, which should clue in who they will be remaking and Kangta from H.O.T will be a guest on the show!

Keep up with Exo- K and Exo – M for EXO news straight from the horses mouth!

I love a bit of EXO, however EXO fans aren’t exactly famous for liking their Oppas sharing the spotlight, Leeteuk being on here is a pretty big deal and I hope they treat that with respect. I think Kangta will be O.K. as he is so definitely their Sunbae.

I have this nasty feeling it will carefully orchestrated (as often happens in Kpop) to make sure none of the rookies look to be on a par with EXO members even if they are. I hope not, but I can’t shake the feeling.

What do you think of this new show idea?

Hallyu Noona


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