Inkigayo – 27/07/2014

Woo Inkigayo!

For me YeA are just another Cutsey group with mediocre songs, maybe they will get better.

Loving these performances from Block B. As always they look like they are having so much fun. Plus Jaehyo fans should be happy they are seeing more of him this time!

Bestie looked stunning and performed well but the song isn’t as great as i was hoping for from them. I’m starting to wonder if i just don’t like summer songs!

Heyne still, and probably always will make me a little sick. at least she doesn’t pretend to sing I guess.

Oh Henry, I had no idea who you were before this song, but you’ve won me over!

Maybe I don’t mind summer songs, Solo day is alright…

It girl is so awesome..Go Homme! Although that one dancers dance shorts were rather too long under her shorts….is this a new fashion in Kpop?

Hyuna’s comeback is seriously fantastic top tier performance. She might not be the most incredible singer ever but she IS a great performer!

Poor Sistar, They look so ropey for Touch my body.

Congratulations Girls day!


J-min – Shine

Boys republic – Dress up

Ye-A – Up&Down

LU:KUS – So into U

Nu’est – Good bye bye

Block B – HER

Bestie – Hot baby

Heyne – Red lie

Henry – Fantastic

100% – U beauty

AOA – Bob cut

B1A4 – Solo day

Homme – It girl

Girls day – Darling

BEAST – Sad movie

Hyuna – Blacklist (with Le from EXID)

Hyuna – Red

Sistar – OK Go!

Sistar – Touch my body

Infinite – Back

 Hallyu Noona


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