KTV Roundup – 28/07/2014

Why oh Why is King of high school so short!!

Highlights from last week

King of High School Conduct hits me right in the feels every time. I sort of want Director Yoo to turn out to be  nice guy and end up with Soo Young. However then that means I can’t think of an ending I’m happy with for Min Suk. I don’t really care if Yoo Ah has a happy ending or not….she’s so annoying.

Hotel King is over 😦 At least I can look forward to writing the full series Recap/review I guess…So annoyed with the year long absence, and then the taking her back. The reason was…well rubbish…. She shoulda kicked him to the curb, made Su Wan her GM and got on with her life. For someone who loved her he didn’t half find it easy to be an asshole to her. Oh my though… that was a rather real kiss for a K drama.

Joseon shooter is truly hotting up! That torture scene, while less graphic than a lot of western media, was truly uncomfortable to watch. Hanjo is quite cute as Hanjo too, Something I only noticed this most recent episode. I really doubted whether I could get into a historical drama but this has definitely sucked me in! Poor Hye Won though, starts falling for Hanjo the episode before she realises she ain’t gunna get him!

What to watch out for this week

So we now have  King of High School Conduct, and Joseon Gunman that I will be watching.

Mama  starts this week on the 2nd of August.  It is on MBC Saturdays and Sundays at 21:55 KST.

Hallyu Noona


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