A celebration occuring between the dry hot summer and the rainy season. 

Chilseok is a festival linked to a story of two young lovers separated by the milky way that falls on the 7th day of the 7th month of the Lunarsolar calendar.  One of whom is the daughter of the heavenly father. So the heavenly father caved and let his daughter allowed his daughter to marry the herding boy she had fallen for.

Would you believe it, she decides herding isn’t for her, and this young man refuses to sit around weaving all day. This somewhat annoys the father who then decides to only allow them to see each other once a year.

At Chilseok (in case you didn’t see that coming) they are allowed to see each other, but how to get to across the milky way to each other?? A bridge of crows and magpies of course. Then each year they get all sad again after.

Back in the physically real world, Wheat foods are eaten up as the oncoming rain will ruin wheat foods, and they take baths…because they can.

Hallyu Noona



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