M!Countdown – 31/07/2014

Still love It girl…..In fact i’m loving this style of music in Kpop full stop!

Bestie’s song has grown on me a lot, I still don’t like it as much as Pitapat or Thankyou though. Their legs are so incredible though!

Ahh, ever the showman Henry…good going. I just wish he didn’t come across as such a rude idiot in interviews 😦

Block B’s outfits may be TERRIBLE, but I swear their performances of HER just get better and better! PO has such a camp walk though, makes me lol every time.

HA:TFELT’s Performance was great – GO YENNY!

Gongratulations Sistar!



Dream Drive – Play the siren

Heyne – Red lie

Eddy Kim – Darling

Boys republic – Dress up

Sonnet son – Love again

Hyomin – Fake it

Homme – It Girl

Bestie – Hot baby

Say yes – Get out

Henry – Fantastic

Parc Jae Jung – Ice ice baby

K.Will – Day 1

Block B – Her

B1A4 – Solo day

Sistar – Touch my body

HA:TFELT – Ain’t nobody

  Hallyu Noona


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