Inkigayo – 10/08/2014

Inkigayo time. YAY!

Ye:A’s Up&Down is soo cute. urgh Cute..

I don’t dislike A.KOR’s song because of Kemy’s dis track. I do dislike it because it’s not very good though.

OK, as stated above cutesy isn’t normally my thing, and Pak Borams track is no excpetion. Girls is good though, plus that’s a nice dress!

BESTie are looking so top tier to me these days, a Little on the overly slim side (they used to have a bit more booty, not that they were ever fat) but their song and performance this time round is not only awesome but looks and sounds polished!

Ignoring the controversy and the fact they all look like SM clones. Also ignoring I’m adamant this is basically an F(x) song…I do REALLY like happiness. I can’t deny a good tune when it comes my way. This was really not their best performance though.

Can you hear me? is such a lovely song and Jessica is so pretty. I really look forward to these stages.

This performance from Mamamoo was amazing, I love the way they have been switching it up throughout promotions so we don’t get bored. It is weird seeing them in ‘plain clothes’ though!

I’m going to be unpopular and say I don’t think Kiss kiss sounds too much like pretty pretty (anymore than any artists songs have a similarity) however, they really could have done something new with the dance. Fun to watch though!

Yenny (HA:TFELT) impresses me with every performance of Ain’t nobody… Love this song so much!

Girls day’s fan screams….WOW

I don’t think it possible for me to say something unbiased about Block B, I love everything about them except their fashion sense 😛

As ever a good show from Hyuna, if there is one thing this girl does well it’s put on a performance. That skirt made the butt rolling a bit pointless though 😀

I think I might be the only person on the planet who doesn’t like Sistar so i’ll keep quiet about this one!

Congratulations Sistar!


1- Play the siren – Dream drive

2- Sunny days – Half of the world are men

3 -Ye:A – Up&Down

4- AKOR – Payday

5 -Park Boram – Beautiful

6 -Moses – Don’t stay away

7 -BESTie – Hot baby

8- HALO – Fever

9- NU’EST – Good bye bye

10- Red velvet – Happiness

11- Lucky J – Can you hear me?

12-Mamamoo – Mr Ambiguous

13 -Ladies code – Pretty Pretty

14- Skull – I’m getting married

15-  HA:TFELT – Ain’t Nobody

16- Henry – Bad girl

17- Girls day – Darling

18- Block B – HER

19- Hyuna – Red

20 -Sistar – Touch my Body


Hallyu Noona


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