Inkigayo – 17/08/2014

It’s Sunday, that means Inkigayo!

Aww the lyrics may be silly but I love B.I.G!

Not a fan of C-Clown, those outfits were good though 😀

I LOVE Kiss Kiss, Rise’s hair is terribad though.

It pains me to say this is the best outfit red velvet have worn so far 😦

O.K. So when I marry Junhyoseong, you are all invited.

Hana did a good job too 😀

Taemin isn’t really my thing, but this comeback isn’t bad, maybe he will convert me to the ways of SHINee.

Congratulations  Sistar!!


1- B.I.G – Hello

2- Song Haye – My first

3 -X10 – Choice

4- C-Clown – Let’s love

5 -Tasty – Addiction

6 -GB9- Dalah

7 -Sunny days – Half the world are men.

8- Heyne – Red lie

9- Ladies code – Kiss Kiss

10- Park Boram – Beautiful

11- B1A4 – Glass of water

12-Hyuna – Red

13 -Winner – Color  ring

14- Winner – Empty

15-  Red velvet – Happiness

16- Sistar – Touch my body

17- Secret – U R Fired

18- Secret – I’m in love

19- Taemin – Ace

20 -Taemin – Danger


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