Mid-Autumn Festival (Chuseok)

Korean Harvest Festival

Chuseok is a 3 day festival on the 15th day of the 8th month of the Lunar calendar.

In South Korea, most people return to their home towns for Chuseok and whole families rejoin together.

In the morning of Chuseok, Charye is observed. Charye involves preparing special food and placing these at the grave/memorial. Rice and soup on the north of the grave and fruits and vegetables to the south. Meat goes to the west and to the east goes rice cakes and drinks. They may also at this stage tidy the grave, or talk to their relatives in much the same way as western grave visits, or they may do this at another time over Chuseok.

Otherwise, much like harvest festivals the world over, folk games and food feature heavily.

The choice of folk games can vary heavily from region to region.

Food can also vary but will usually include songpyeon, which is a type of soft rice cake that can be stuffed with pretty much any kind of seed or bean and is then steamed over a layer of pine needles.

Hallyu Noona



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