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A Korean culture round up site, with reviews, spotlights and news relating to Korean culture from an international fan.

With sections on culture, films, TV, KPOP, language and food there’s plenty to see!

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For those who are perplexed by Waegukin, it’s a broadly used romanisation of a Korean word that basically means foreigner!

Hallyu Noona


Meet the Team



Hi, I’m HallyuNoona and I am a twenty-something year old international Korean culture fan. I am (slowly) learning Korean, love Kpop and cook Korean food a few times a week.

I live in the south of the U.K. and don’t know a single other Kpop fan in person! I’d really love it if you follow my blog and actively comment on things because I’d love for this blog to become a hub for k-fans.

My other hobbies include photography, writing fiction and reading.

I’m a bit of a music obsessive and approach people who don’t really have strong feelings about music with a bit of confusion.

You can find out a bit more about me HERE in my everyday people of the world submission.



  1. aimingtobegreen

    Hey Hallyunoona, I’ve been following your blog a while now and have learned so much about Korea and Korean culture. Would you fancy taking part in my new blog project:

    It’s about sharing as many people around the world as possible to try and break some stereotypes and make us realise that despite our differences we’re all just humans.



    • HallyuNoona

      I would be delighted to take part if you would like me to. I’m flattered to be asked.

      Just to let you know as well, The Korean Culture content of the blog hasn’t stopped, I am in the process of gearing up to a big expansion to the blog at the end of the month.

      (Just in case you’ve been missing something you normally read)



      • aimingtobegreen

        I’ll look forward to the expansion 🙂

        Here’s the e-mail I’ve been sending people:


        Thank you for responding 🙂

        First the rules as they stand at the moment:

        1. Anyone from any walk of life is free to take part and you are free to express your own opinion, however language of hate and direct attempts to stir up hatred will not be published.

        2. Participants are able to ask for their input to be edited/removed at any time.

        3. You do not have to answer all the questions to take part, in fact you don’t have to stick to the questions, they are there are there just as a guide.

        4. You do not have to use your real / full name, use whatever you are comfortable with.

        5. A photograph should be included but it can be of you, the area you live in or just something special to you. Please credit the source of any photograph that is not your own.

        6. All comments will be moderated before being published, abuse towards any participants will not be tolerated.

        7. You may include links to your own personal websites/blogs/twitter pages but they must be suitable for a general all age audience.

        8. Contact details supplied will not be shared with any external agencies.

        9. There will be at least a 12hour time gap between posting different profiles on the website to allow fair coverage for all participants.


        Introduce yourself:

        Location (give as much detail as you’re comfortable sharing with the world)

        What has been your biggest challenge in life so far

        What is your biggest achievement to date

        What are your hopes for the future:

        What are your biggest fears:

        What are your plans for today? (or a typical day)

        Is there anything else you’d like to share with the world:

        Thank you for taking part, any questions please get in touch. Remember you can share as much/little as you feel comfortable with and I’m happy to edit anything in the future too.

        Please attach a photo you’d like to share (please credit the source if it’s not a personal one)



        PS – you can reply through here, or it maybe easier to e-mail everydaypeopleoftheworld@gmail.com


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