Categories explained

Here at HallyuNoona we post a lot of information, and we want you to be able to find what interests you.

To that end we have a lot of lovely categories on the right hand side of your screen (or the bottom if you are reading this on a smaller sized screen), But we thought we would be helpful and let you know what you can find in each category.

So here it is, The HallyuNoona site guide.

K News and rumours

Our pick of the K themed news of he day, focused primarily on K entertainment news and gossip.

K PopArtist/Group Profiles

Here we post profiles on Varying artists and groups. We try to stick to a bare bones story for each article.

The fandoms are a big part of Kpop and we would love it if in the comments section you shared any anecdotes/stories/recommendations related to the artists!

My Top Ten: Kpop

My Top Ten charts of varying themes. Sometimes serious, sometimes silly but always my selection of the best of something.

Feel free to add your own list to the comments! The beauty of Kpop is the variety.

New releases

My quick shot reviews of as many new releases as I have time to post. These don’t go very in depth and are mostly there to help people keep track of releases.

As always healthy discussion in the comments section is great for giving more than one perspective.

Inkigayo, M!Countdown and Music Core

My roundups of the music shows. The rationale behind when and what ones can be found here!

Includes some of my thoughts from watching the show, a full list of performance and a playlist of all the performances in order (so you can just skip to the one you want).

Spotlight on: Kpop

In our Spotlight series, we select a song and look at in a bit more depth. We include some basic info on the song, a more in depth review and links to 3 videos for similar songs.

Important Events

‘Dates for your calendar’ style posts that let you know all the important things that happen in Korea.

KFilm Monthly Roundup

At the start of each month, I trawl through the upcoming Korean cinema releases and pick out the ones that look interesting to let you know about….much easier to search for specific films than to idly wait to find Kfilms for you Kfilm lovers!

Spotlight on: KFilm

A more in depth review of a specific Kfilm. Can contain spoilers so be warned.

How to cook….

Photo recipes of Korean recipes. All recipes show serving sizes and have a link to a printer friendly version of the recipe.

Spotlight on: Korean Food and Drink

A mini review of a Korean food or drink, mostly an excuse for me to buy snacks!


Little posts from the nuts and bolts of learning the Korean language. Grammar posts etc. to help you apply words and phrases into meaningful conversations.

Useful Phrases

Just what it says on the tin. Each post is a new useful phrase, ready to go straight out of the box.

Word of the Week

Again, fairly self explanatory, each post is a word that you may recognise or want to be able to. We also provide you a sample sentence in case you want to test drive that word right away!

KTV Weekly Roundup

My round up of the previous weeks T.V. basically a fangirl Squuuee. When TV series’ are finished a more in depth ‘spotlight on’ would be done, these posts are mostly to let people know what’s going on on Korean TV and to give fans a chance to discuss them in the comments.

Spotlight on: TV Series

More in depth synopsis of KTV shows, a great way to check out what a series is about before diving in!

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