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Possible website disruption!

Good News Everybody!

I know what you are thinking, Good news? Website disruption? Well it is 😛

You all know HallyuNoona is undergoing a revamp right? I have been harping on about it for a while. Well we’ve been working very hard on that and it is VERY nearly ready, or at least ready enough to launch a little of.

The problem is we are now migrating to some new servers, and doing some major changes. The blog here will still be viewable at all times, although if you currently get to us via the address you may find you have to go to temporarily. The super good news is that once it’s all done service should return relatively as normal.

If you follow us, you should find no problems when the change comes, but if there is we will let you know via the site here and let you know how to continue following us!



Guest bloggers wanted!

In case you hadn’t noticed me mention it, the reason for our slow posts at the moment is that we are bringing in a lot more segments to our blog and a new posting schedule in a couple of weeks.

As part of that, HallyuNoona would love to host some guest writers!

We are specifically really interested in someone to write a weekly ‘How to Dance’ video post to help our viewers learn kpop dances.

We also would love to hear from anyone who knows about Korean literature, art, fashion and sport to possibly take over writing our weekly sections on those.

That said, we would really love contributions from ANYONE on any aspect of Korean culture. Be it a regular segment or a one off feature.

So if you think you could contribute as a Korean person or a Korean culture fan, please email us at or fill out the below form to let us know what you would like to contribute!