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M!Countdown – 07/08/2014

Lip service rendition of thrift shop Too fancy was great, I love the new girls voice, Mush though I love Cora I think Anna adds a particular vocal element they lacked before.

Park Kyung is such a little Bias slayer isn’t he??

Oh Rise, what are they doing to you?

Red velvet were definitely singing a large portion live weren’t they bless them, These shows mics are so bad. Power to them though!

A million times better this comeback for Stellar, Well done girls.

I quite liked BTS’ performance, but that might have been the fire…..

I’m loving this comeback of secrets, did not like Hyoseong’s outfit this time, the other girls outfits were lovely though!

Kara’s come back is ‘so good’ I loved both performances!

Taemins stages were pretty cool to watch, I actually quite liked pretty boy as a song too ūüėÄ

Congratualtions  Winner!

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Music Bank – 27/06/2014

It’s Music Bank!

Yay, Mamamoo! I love this song!

If AOA as cops is your thing, this is the performance for you!

BTS’ version of ‘Something’ was ….something….

I am not ashamed to admit I preffered Bestie, AOA and Girls day performing Mr.Mr to SNSD doing it. Sorry SNSD fans.

It was lovely to see Girls day perform ‘Something’ again!

Conversely, I was promised no ¬†more Mr Chu…they lied.

YAY EXO, So much love for Overdose still.

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Music Bank – 11/04/2014

Ahhh¬† Music Bank Day, As usual I’ll only be commenting on the best and worst stand out moments and putting all the performance videos below.

First up was Vetty L. Really pretty song and lovely stage outfits. I know they are pretty new and  I will certainly be looking a bit more into these guys!

I can’t lie –¬†Speed’s dancing left me¬†a little mesmerised, so much so that I don’t really remember their song other than a little bit of ‘look at me now’ was pretty awesome to watch though.

They were quite possibly out performed by 100% who managed for the second day in the row to blow my mind away, these guys are growing on me as a live act even if they haven’t reached me with their music.

I will just mention Crayon Pop, after speaking out their performance yesterday on M!COUNTDOWN they did seem more happy in todays performance, but the concept as  whole still feels forced to me. Sorry guys!

Despite actually quite liking N.CA, her performance of ‘Hello Baby’ was dire. She was gasping for breath throughout the whole performance, whether that’s because she’s overstretching herself or because she thinks that makes her sound emotional, it sounds terrible. I also had my usual issue with her performance to ‘I’m Different’, With just the audio I like the song, the over-cutesified performance ruins it for me.

NS Yoon-G wowed again with Yasisi, and her wardrobe was much more on point. YAY!

Orange Caramel Owned the stage, a truly fun performance again girls. The first Orange Caramel song I have properly liked and I’m still not sick of it!

Nell were a delightful alt rock surprise, I will be looking a bit more into these guys because I don’t know much about them but they sounded AMAZING!

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M!Countdown – 10/04/2014

So today was M!countdown day! The M!countdown is definitely heavy on the boy bands at the moment, which may not be a bad thing considering how girl band heavy the music shows were at the start of the year.

I won’t talk about all the performances here, I’ll link all the videos below, but here’s my thought on the best and worst of the show!

I was unimpressed by NS Yoon-G’s outfit for todays show, she is one of the few Kpop stars I see consistently well dressed for her figure and I didn’t think those shorts did her any justice.

Special mention should go to100%. I’m not a boy band fan usually and still wouldn’t say I am a fan of theirs, but man they looked FIERCE (literally and figuratively.) After seeing them, I basically entirely forgot the¬†performances from poor¬†MBLAQ and BTS.

4Minute….Oh Dear…the performance was lovely,¬† I really enjoyed seeing them perform this as just them on the stage, they are¬†fantastic performers, really drag you¬†in. Those outfits however, a stage performance is more than just singing and dancing, and¬†this thing for¬†wrapping Kpop artists in variations of¬†tin foil really doesn’t appeal to me.

I suppose I’m obligated to mention Crayon Pop, although I am sure it won’t make me popular. I don’t like their new song, it sounds to me like a bad song played at wedding receptions and it feels like someone is trying WAY to hard to make sure Crayon Pop are obviously quirky. The girls were a disappointment as well TBH, Crayon pop usually WOW me by being really into their performances and both the singing and dancing felt half hearted today.

To contrast, Orange Caramels’ performances was great, not my fave outfits they’ve used to promote this song but I like the theme they are sticking to. These girls’ quirkiness doesn’t feel forced, it almost feels like they use Orange Caramel to unwind after their serious and sexy Afterschool promotions. Am¬†I the only one who found the juice sloshing on their heads reminiscent of¬† a ladies finishing school poise exercise though?

We Finally get Akdong Musicians’ debut. I ¬†was pleasantly surprised I was fully expecting lovely compositions but was not getting my hopes up about their stage performance. Not all groups lend themselves as stage performers and I thought this was the case for these guys but they were engaging and appropriately lively! Can’t wait to see more from these guys!

Congratulations to Apink for their win with Mr Chu!

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