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M!Countdown – 07/08/2014

Lip service rendition of thrift shop Too fancy was great, I love the new girls voice, Mush though I love Cora I think Anna adds a particular vocal element they lacked before.

Park Kyung is such a little Bias slayer isn’t he??

Oh Rise, what are they doing to you?

Red velvet were definitely singing a large portion live weren’t they bless them, These shows mics are so bad. Power to them though!

A million times better this comeback for Stellar, Well done girls.

I quite liked BTS’ performance, but that might have been the fire…..

I’m loving this comeback of secrets, did not like Hyoseong’s outfit this time, the other girls outfits were lovely though!

Kara’s come back is ‘so good’ I loved both performances!

Taemins stages were pretty cool to watch, I actually quite liked pretty boy as a song too 😀

Congratualtions  Winner!

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Inkigayo – 17/08/2014

It’s Sunday, that means Inkigayo!

Aww the lyrics may be silly but I love B.I.G!

Not a fan of C-Clown, those outfits were good though 😀

I LOVE Kiss Kiss, Rise’s hair is terribad though.

It pains me to say this is the best outfit red velvet have worn so far 😦

O.K. So when I marry Junhyoseong, you are all invited.

Hana did a good job too 😀

Taemin isn’t really my thing, but this comeback isn’t bad, maybe he will convert me to the ways of SHINee.

Congratulations  Sistar!!

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Group Name: F(x)

Group Members:  Victoria, Amber, Luna, Sulli and Krystal

Record label (if known): SM Entertainment

Genre: Pop/Hip Hop

Debut date: 2nd September 2009

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My Top Ten: Kpop girl group dances

 Welcome to my first ‘top ten’ for you.

My top ten is for posts to give you sometimes fun, sometimes serious top ten lists that can introduce you to new music all at once.

There’s a comment section at the end of each post so please use it, I’d love to see what your versions of my top tens would be!

So for today:

Here’s my look at the ten girl group dance routines that I like best.

These dances have all either made me laugh, cry or dance along with them to earn their place in My Top Ten!

Let me know in the comments below what yours are! This was a nearly impossible list and some dances I really loved had to be left out. 😦 Don’t forget to look up the honourable mentions if you like my other choices!

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