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M!Countdown – 07/08/2014

Lip service rendition of thrift shop Too fancy was great, I love the new girls voice, Mush though I love Cora I think Anna adds a particular vocal element they lacked before.

Park Kyung is such a little Bias slayer isn’t he??

Oh Rise, what are they doing to you?

Red velvet were definitely singing a large portion live weren’t they bless them, These shows mics are so bad. Power to them though!

A million times better this comeback for Stellar, Well done girls.

I quite liked BTS’ performance, but that might have been the fire…..

I’m loving this comeback of secrets, did not like Hyoseong’s outfit this time, the other girls outfits were lovely though!

Kara’s come back is ‘so good’ I loved both performances!

Taemins stages were pretty cool to watch, I actually quite liked pretty boy as a song too ­čśÇ

Congratualtions  Winner!

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My Top Ten: Guilty pleasures (The girls turn)

We all have them, songs we want to hate or would never admit to liking but secretly love

To be entirely fair, some of these I just like, not love! This is probably being ┬ácutesy heavy list, being as I┬ánormally hate cutesy stuff, so don’t be offended if your bias is included.

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My Top Ten: KPOP rappers (Female)

Here at HallyuNoona we aren’t big fans of the rap parts forced into Kpop songs, however sometimes the raps are great and a lot of the rappers are pretty talented. Here are my top 10.

To get on this list, all you had to do is rap on a song at some point. Some of these may not primarily be rappers.

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